FONTAINE & FONTAINE Promotional Video Teaser —

Promotional Video Teaser of fontaine & fontaine's Launch Collection, featuring the works and direction of Rita Fontaine and Ella Fontaine on the stunning Lila Luxx.

"In a world where mediocrity rules; where celebrities splash their cash on designer t-shirts, bike pants and hoodies, we aim to fight the trend for minimalist comfort dressing with high-glamour, over-the-top designs where eccentricity rules and maximal-ism is celebrated. fontaine & fontaine was borne of a shared obsession for bling; and not just the trashy in-your-face bling, but exquisite designs from eras long-forgotten. Byzantine jewels, highly detailed pieces of the baroque, juicy Cartier tiaras, extravagant jewellery worn by the Russian Tsars, and glamorous golden-age femmes dripping in diamonds, pearls and precious stones. Our pieces are original designs that bring together the ostentatious and modern technology. They are hand-crafted in Brisbane, Australia with high quality materials, claw-set stones and Swarovski crystals. They are extraordinary designs for extraordinary people."

FUREY & RUIN Promotional Video Teaser —

Promotional Video Teaser for Knife act duo, Furey & Ruin. Featuring a familiar face to my projects, Jacqueline Furey and Captain Ruin.

Music Band Of Skulls - The Devil Takes Care Of His Own

"Are you ready to roll the dice, dance with the devil and stare down death? Then the Furey and Ruin Stunt Show is for you! This heart stopping duo specialise in one of the circus’ most dangerous acts – knife throwing, with a human target. But they don’t stop there – this verified sideshow thrill ride will have audiences on the edge of their seats with sword swallowing, escapology, whip cracking, fire eating and much more. It takes a special kind of madness to perform stunts like these, but Jacqueline Furey and Captain Ruin – renowned purveyors of the beautiful and bizarre - showcase these traditional art forms with style and flair, making for an unforgettable high-class experience that’s perfect for any large event. Sexy, strange and downright dangerous – step right up to the Furey and Ruin Stunt Show for the time of your life!"

KTB & Shy Designs —

A part of a photoshoot with prosthetic and costume designer, Shylie Parsons of Shy Designs.

I have been trying to build a better portfolio for video since mid 2018. I've already seen major improvement since then aesthetically, but one of the things I notice I need the most is patience. Patience with setting up, choosing the right frame, editing, colours & lighting. It's a much scarier medium to me than photography. Lately, I have been offered opportunities from clients & collaborations which have given me the ability to keep learning & expanding my playtime with video. I always felt guilty that 'film' or 'video' was in my business name - but that guilt is slowly dripping away as each project passes.

Fatale Promotional Video Teaser —

See more of Jacqueline Furey’s Fatale project over on my promotional graphic design portfolio.

Bombshell Burlesque’s ‘Heatwave’ Wonderland Festival 2018 —

Filmed at Brisbane Powerhouse: Wonderland Festival in November 2018.

”What's hotter than a Brisbane Summer? It's Bombshell Burlesque: Heatwave! Returning after consecutive sold out seasons at Wonderland 2017 and 2016, Bombshell Burlesque present a brand new show that is hot hot hot!

With a focus on glamour and fun, this fast paced, cheeky show features stunning group routines with slick choreography, award winning soloists and a chanteuse MC as part of the action. Celebrating all things that will get you hot under the collar, you’ll be treated to a spectacular array of glittering performances by Queensland’s premier showgirls.”

Alyssa Kitt Icarus Teaser Reel —


Promotional Showreel for Miss Alyssa Kitt (Sydney) Icarus Fallen performance. This was made reality through Bombshell Burlesque’s Showreel Workshop in 2018. Filmed at Metro Arts, Brisbane by KTB.

“Icarus Fallen is for every woman who is yet to realise that the pursuit of perfectionism is flawed.”


Sina King 2018 Showreel —


Yet another Showreel produced at Bombshell Burlesque & KTB’s Showreel Workshop.

“If there’s one woman who knows how to have fun, be fearless and stay fabulous, it’s Sina King. King’s standing in the world of showbiz has earned her the moniker of ‘Australian Burlesque Royalty’ partly by name and partly by sheer brilliance. King is no-doubt a key person of influence in the burlesque, lingerie, pinup, and glamour worlds… this Melbourne born Australian is internationally representing the Southern Hemisphere with grace and glory. “

The Burlesque Cruise 2018 —