discothèque | august 2019

“In the beginning there was a little Parisian bar called La Discothèque in the Rue Huchette where you could order your favourite le jazz hot record, along with your Pernod. Formed by analogy with the French word bibliothèque, meaning ‘library’, the term “discothéque was born, implying not only a record library but a place in which to dance. With one stroke of genius, a whole hedonistic lifestyle began.”
- Saturday Night Forever: The Story Of Disco.

What a day. This looks like a pretty normal studio shot at first glance, but the effort I had to put in to get there I will never forget. (Yes I'm holding the ball, yes the flare is REAL, yes I'm never doing that again). I was in a terrible, discouraged mood because I was so determined to get something I have been envisioning for sometime. Everyody knows but never wants to accept it. You can’t force creativity, it has to breathe. Art is as pure & real as life; and I’m so proud that I get to live & breath it everyday myself.

Love, light & the freedom of music to you.

Costume by Ruby Slippers

QUEEN ARACARI | November 2018

Aracari is actually a species of Toucan (thanks Bob Irwin), and if you haven’t seen my fascination of toucan before, I included it in one of the first self portraits I ever did at the front yard of my house. I really wanted to recreate this for the purpose of seeing how I’ve changed as a woman, a photographer and how I differently express myself. I’m very proud of this and feel very beautiful.

Check out the video to see the process.


I’ve decided after such a great response to my last VHS-inspired self portrait from October 2017, to produce more in the same style every Halloween! Old school, over the top textures and vibrant, neon, 80’s vibes is something I’ve always been obsessed over - especially portraits in this aesthetic. Wolf ‘n Stein is not only an obvious pun to Wolfenstein, but was somehow influenced from watching recently released Netflix Original ‘Maniac’. Put those two together in KTB’s head, and you’ve got this latest Self Portrait.

Desktop viewers click to view larger.

See the process below in my video!


JUNEBUG | March 2018

If you haven't heard B52's 'Junebug' on their Cosmic Thing album from 1989; soak it into your soul right now.

This image was inspired by the cute, psychedelic sounds it sparkles into your ears. It also feels nostalgic to me as I always remember rockin' out to it with my Father. 

TOGETHER AS LEADERS | September 2018

Inspired from artwork by Aykut Aydoğdu.

My twenty second self portrait went through quite a few changes as I brainstormed a depiction of the union between animals. I definitely felt challenged, but I'm glad I didn't give in to my self doubt, and instead, enjoyed the journey of finding the skills I need to improve on to make content like this look more realistic.